Face Mask Pink Polka Dot - Adult 100% Cotton

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Artisan partners in Thailand create these CDC approved two-layer face masks using 100% cotton muslin fabric and finished with elastic straps to ensure a comfortable fit.  Muslin is a tightly woven cotton material that is lightweight, soft and breathable.  It is washable and re-wearable and does NOT include a filter pocket. 

Shipped in a sealed plastic bag with care instructions.

  • 5.5" Tall x 8" Long
  • Made by women artisans in Thailand following fair trade guidelines
  • Hand-wash or machine wash in a mesh bag before use
  • Wash your hands before putting your mask on and after taking it off
  • This is not a medical-grade mask and has a filter pocket
  • This Mask does not have a filter pocket
  • Face masks are NOT returnable
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