Fine Weight Cotton Batik Shawl

Article number: Jaipur Primary Batik Shawl
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Navy/Red Batik Shawl

    This lightweight and oversized shawl in primary tones is as spectacular as the Jaipur culture.

      Traditional scarf from the Rajastan area in India . Amazing Tie Dye work Cotton Bandhini is a centuries old process of tying a knot with fingernails and creating intricate patterns.

        Tie and dye is just as the name suggests, first involving the tying of the fabric, usually cotton or silk, with thread at certain points and then submerging it into colourful dyes to create a range of patterns. This practice ensures that no two tie-dyed cloths are the same, making each product truly one of a kind.

          One of a kind. Color tones will vary.


            Approx. 6' x36”



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