Mini Reed Diffuser (Made in Hudson Valley)

Article number: B BM Mini Reed Diffuser-Rose Garden-4oz
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Mini reed Diffuser Made in Hudson Valley

Mini Reed Diffuser is a long lasting way (months!) to subtly scent your space and add a touch of chic to your nest. Just the right size for smaller spaces such as window ledges and bedside tables. Handcrafted from our signature fine fragrance blends with premium natural rattan reeds. What you won't find? The petroleum byproducts, phthalates,or parabens that are found in most commercial diffusers. Find your scent zen.

  • Recyclable 4oz amber glass diffuser bottle.
  • Labels are 100% recycled and biodegradable natural kraft.
  • Ships with eight natural, undyed reeds for wicking.
  • Diffuser measures 4-1/2"H x 2"D. Reeds are 10" long
Directions: Remove lid from bottle. Place reeds into bottle and arrange to your liking. Flip reeds 2-3 times the first day to assist with fragrance wicking. Afterwards, flip reeds weekly to refresh the scent. To adjust fragrance strength, use more or less reeds.
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