Shibori Butterfly Wings

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Charming, perfectly playful, vibrant purple, green, teal, and blue shibori-dyed dress-up wings with pom accents along the border for children ages 3 - 8. .

Made with care in India

Fair Trade

Charming, perfectly playful

Ages 3 - 8

DIMENSIONS: 40.5" L, 21.5" W

Shibori is the Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by stitching, binding, folding, twisting, or compressing. Artisans bind sections of cloth with thread to achieve desired patterns, depending on how tightly and where the cloth is bound. Raw materials used in this process are locally sourced cotton fabrics and non-toxic vegetable dyes.

Shibori Artisans

Located in a dry desert climate of western Rajasthan, India, where people rely on crafts, tourism and mining for their livelihoods, the shibori art form has been passed down through generations. This small group of mostly women artisans work from their homes. With new international markets open to them through our fair trade partnership, artisans are gaining economic stability and future generations can enjoy a more fruitful life.

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