What Are Chakras Anyway? w Mikki Baloy Jan 28 7pm

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You've heard about them in yoga class or been told yours are "blocked" or "open." So now what?

Learn from a practicing shamanic healer and yoga teacher what the heck those chakra things really are:

  • How they function
  • What role they play in our bodies and minds
  • How to work with your chakras to create better health and happiness in the New Year

Bring your questions and even your skepticism! Healers, yoga teachers, and non-new-agey people are all most warmly welcomed. The demystifying information in this evening workshop can support your resolutions and intentions for 2020.

Mikki Baloy has studied with shamans, ritual-keepers, and mystics from around the world. A yoga teacher, shamanic healer, author, and ceremony-maker, she has offices in Nyack and NYC. Find out more at mikkibaloy.com.

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