Inspiration Journal - Your Story

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YOUR STORY Inspiration Journal

Softbound 52-week journal displays each week on double page spread of 100% tree-free recycled cotton paper. Artisans collect cotton waste and turn it into a pulp to create a rich textured paper with a uniquely soft feel.


  • Fair Trade
  • Funds Community Development
  • Handmade Recycled Upcycled Sustainable Tree Free Paper
Paper Making-100% recycled cotton paper is made by artisans in Rajasthan, India, following a generations-old process. First, discarded cotton scraps are collected from the textile industry. Cotton is broken down into fibers using a traditional wheel press and then soaked overnight. Next, the pulp is strained, pressed into pages and hung to dry. After ironing, crisp pear goes either into journals or into the hands of artisans for screen-printing, embroidery or patchwork. The entire process is tree-free, non-toxic, and conserves and filters water for reuse in irrigation.
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